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CHANG JIANG MACHINERY & INDUSTRY COMPANY is a factory that produce CJ750 motorcycle with sidecar. Has established advanced technical center, the modernized general equipment assemble line, flexible processing production line as well as the motorcycles and engines. The company uses theadvanced aviation technology and the talented person superiority, the collection is more than 40 years of vast experience in production motorcycle, manufacture ¡°CHANGJIANG¡± brand motorcycle and products best-selling in China. Has the honor to obtain many times the national silver medal, the technological award and the province quality production prize, caused Hongdu motorcycle become Foreign-Chinese Famous products, simultaneously sells in distant markets of overseas several dozens countries and areas. For department and so on the Chinese People¡¯s Liberation Army General Armament Department, police, armed police, supervision, business circles and tax affairs, fire protection assign for the returns of ceremony to take the forerunner vehicle in 1997.

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